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I am a wife, mom, and business owner. I have a passion for teaching and the first business I started was a local tutoring and art center. I have been diagnosed with multiple chronic conditions that I am learning to manage and recover from. While there is no cure for most of my conditions, I believe I'll be able to improve my health and reduce my symptoms through nutrition and exercise. The name California Zebra was created because I live in California and I am a medical zebra. "In medicine, the term “zebra” is used in reference to a rare disease or condition" ( Despite my pain and illness, I strive to live as normal a life as possible caring for my little ones and enjoying the small moments in each day. I also have an amazing mobility assistance service dog named Kana who was trained by DoggieDoGood in San Luis Obispo. My life is truly blessed and I'm grateful every day to be surrounded and supported by my family, friends, and community.

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